Celebrating 47 Years of Keeping Business Flowing!

DEWCO is 47-years-old this year.  We’ve been serving the fluid control needs of the Rocky Mountain Region since– gasp– 1974!  Where did the time go, right?  Just to give you some perspective, back in ‘74 gas was about 53 cents a gallon, a new car cost $3,500, and a new house was $47,432.  Prices have, […]

DEWCO Engineers Design Wastewater Neutralization System

dewco engineers design wastewater neutralization system

When Upslope Brewing Company in Boulder, CO was recently tasked with finding a cost-effective solution for their wastewater challenges, they called DEWCO – and with their solution, DEWCO may have revolutionized the brewing industry. Early in 2018, City of Boulder officials informed Upslope, and all breweries within the city limits, that monitoring of wastewater discharge […]

Attention Valued DEWCO Customers

attention valued dewco customers

As a family-owned and operated business for more than 44 years, DEWCO sincerely appreciates you and your business!  Since 1974, DEWCO has been the Rocky Mountain region’s (MT, UT, WY, CO and NM) largest and best distributor of fluid industry products and knowledge, supporting a variety of service providers in several industries! Like never before, DEWCO […]

Highlighting Our ULTRAPEN PT6 – Nitrate

highlighting ultrapen pt6 nitrate

At DEWCO, we understand that analytical measurement is something extremely important to our clients. They come to us for valves, meters, analyzers, controllers and instruments capable of testing water quality with regards to ORP (oxidation reduction potential), temperature, turbidity, pH and more. The data they collect, using our tools, allows them to make critical decisions […]

Highlighting the COOL-FIT ABS Plus

highlighting cool fit abs plus

One thing that our customers would agree on is that DEWCO offers some of the finest pumps and equipment in the industry. We are always looking to showcase products that make the lives of our customers and the companies they represent easier and more efficient and our Cool-Fit ABS Plus is no exception. The Georg Fischer COOL-FIT […]

Dual Containment Tanks: Keeping Your Storage Safe

dual containment tanks keeping storage safe

Do you own or operate a business or company that relies on storage tanks for chemicals, additives or other materials that are integral to your operation? If so, you’re probably also aware of the importance of having an emergency containment plan in place in case of an accident or spill. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution […]

Monitoring Water Use for Fracking Operations

monitoring water use fracking operations

The oil and gas industry is finally showing signs of recovery following the long downturn that saw oil prices drop from more than $100 per barrel to less than $40. While there is still a lot of room for improvement, a growing number of analysts and industry experts are optimistic about industry growth in the […]

Water Management: Controlling, Measuring, Maintaining and More

water management controlling measuring maintaining

According to National Geographic, even though water covers 70 percent of the Earth, only 2.5 percent of that water is fresh, and only 1 percent of the fresh water is readily accessible. Meanwhile, the news is filled with threats of water shortages and pollution challenges. All of this brings significant concerns to how we are managing […]