Highlighting Our ULTRAPEN PT6 – Nitrate

highlighting ultrapen pt6 nitrate
At DEWCO, we understand that analytical measurement is something extremely important to our clients. They come to us for valves, meters, analyzers, controllers and instruments capable of testing water quality with regards to ORP (oxidation reduction potential), temperature, turbidity, pH and more. The data they collect, using our tools, allows them to make critical decisions and ensure they always have access to accurate measurements.

Our latest tool is the Myron L ULTRAPEN™ PT6 Nitrate and Temperature Pen that can provide those who use it with professional water analysis on the spot.

The ULTRAPEN™ PT6 was just released by Myron L–a leading manufacturer of high-quality water test instrumentation–and it already appears it’ll prove to be every bit as useful as the other Myron L products we carry.

DEWCO already sells the ULTRAPEN™ PT1 that tests water for conductivity, total dissolved solids, salinity and temperature; the ULTRAPEN™ PT2 that tests water for pH and temperature; the ULTRAPEN™ PT3 that tests water for ORP and temperature; the ULTRAPEN™ PT4 that tests water for chlorine equivalent and temperature; and the ULTRAPEN™ PT5 that tests water for dissolved oxygen and temperature. The ULTRAPEN™ PT6 now augments this Myron L lineup. Here is why we believe customers will find it so useful.

What Are the Best Features of the ULTRAPEN™ PT6?

Like all the Myron L products, the ULTRAPEN™ PT6 includes a long list of features that make it a must-have item for many businesses. For starters, it can accurately test for nitrate concentration (ppm N or ppm NO3-) or mV in water. It also has both a proprietary ISE sensor design and a built-in double junction reference electrode with 1 and 2 point calibration options. Additionally, the ULTRAPEN™ PT6 is very easy to use thanks to its one-button control. On top of all that, the ULTRAPEN™ PT6 is waterproof and has a rugged design that is held together by aircraft grade aluminum body and fully potted electronics that will stand the test of time.

What Does the ULTRAPEN™ PT6 Come With?

When you order the ULTRAPEN™ PT6 from DEWCO, you will, of course, get the PT6 pocket tester pen that comes with a battery already installed. There is also a nitrate sensor installed that you’ll be able to replace on your own. The pen also includes 2 ounces of 100 ppm NO3-N standard solution, 2 ounces of ionic strength adjuster, two graduated cylinders with caps, and a protective cap, pocket clip, and lanyard for your pen. You’ll receive everything you’ll need to start testing your water for nitrates and temperature with the ULTRAPEN™ PT6.

What Modes Does the ULTRAPEN™ PT6 Have?

The ULTRAPEN™ PT6 has a series of modes that you can use when testing your water quality. There is a Hold mode that will display real-time readings prior to the LED light turning on and putting the pen’s final readings on display. There is also a Live mode that will show you real-time readings continuously for as long as five minutes before timeout to preserve battery life.

The ULTRAPEN™ PT6 has several parameter modes as well. N mode, NO3 mode, and mV mode can all be utilized to measure nitrate as nitrogen, nitrate, and temperature levels in your water. These modes will come in handy when you’re running various tests on your water and, more specifically, trying to obtain precise nitrate and temperature readings.

Why Your Business Needs the ULTRAPEN™ PT6

If water quality is a concern for your company, DEWCO carries several products that can provide you with accurate analytical measurement readings. But, few are as simple and convenient to use as the ULTRAPEN™ PT6 and the rest of the Myron L ULTRAPEN products. They fit right in your hand and will help put together important data for your business quickly and with as little effort on your part as possible. Let the ULTRAPEN™ PT6 do the work for you while you reap the rewards.

Trust DEWCO for High-Quality Water Measurement Instruments

For more than 40 years now, DEWCO has worked hard to meet the fluid control needs of our customers in the Rocky Mountain Region. We stock a variety of high-quality products and have an experienced staff that can speak with you about each product that we sell. We have helped those in several industries, including those businesses that work in oil, gas, power, water treatment, HVAC, biotechnology, food and beverage, and so much more.

DEWCO is committed to setting customers up with solution-driven products like the Myron L ULTRAPEN™ PT6. Call us at 303-232-6861 today to get more information on how it could benefit your business in a big way.