fluid control construction

DEWCO is the leading expert in fluid control solutions for construction sites and industrial applications. Our fast, affordable services ensure that you get the supplies and equipment that you need quickly so that your project can be completed within budget and on time. Whether you need a metering pump for chlorine injection, equipment for dispensing foam, coatings, or sealants, storage tanks, piping, or drainage systems, our extensive inventory guarantees a quick solution to any challenge.

Our Services for Construction Projects

DEWCO offers a range of fluid control services that help construction companies maintain regulatory compliance and safety and facilitate the proper handling and filtration of various chemicals and fluids. Our consulting services simplify the process of submitting a proposal for a new project, and provide ongoing support to help your operations run smoothly and efficiently up until the day of completion. Whether you simply need assistance with selecting the right product or are looking for someone who can help you design a complete fluid movement system, our experts can help you navigate any challenge with ease.

Expert Advice & Consulting

DEWCO’s consulting services for construction companies is fully comprehensive. From troubleshooting specific issues to providing recommendations for pumps, flow meters, parts, and accessories, we are here to support you through every phase of your project from planning to execution.

Product Supply & Distribution

When you’re working within the constraints of a specific timeline or budget, you need to obtain the right parts for your fluid movement project quickly and efficiently. Our vast inventory of affordable transmitters, sensors, controllers, metering pumps, accessories, and equipment and fast delivery services ensure you get the right products on time.

Fluid Control Solutions Provider

In addition to being the largest distributor of our kind, DEWCO is also a full service solutions provider. Our years of industry experience and high familiarity with the construction industry makes us the ideal consultant for your project. We’ll work closely with your team in designing a complete system that’s 100% compatible with your specific application and makes your fluid movement challenge a breeze.

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DEWCO values your business and is here to support you in any possible way that we can. Speak to an expert about your construction company’s fluid control needs by calling our office today.