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The United States is one of the largest producers of biotechnology in the world, with a market that’s continually increasing in size every year. Food, pharmaceutical, fuel, fiber, and industrial manufacturers whose processes are dependent on biotechnology must adhere to strict health and standards. At DEWCO, we offer a range of sanitary and hygienic fluid control solutions for the biotechnology industry that support the common manufacturing needs and safety protocol required of biotech companies. We will work closely with your laboratory, research facility, manufacturing, or development team to identify solutions that help automate and streamline your processes. 

Our Services for Biotech & Life Sciences Applications

Our extensive inventory of fluid control equipment gives you access to a range of solutions designed specifically for the needs of the life sciences industry. This includes a wide selection of sterile ball valves, sanitary fittings, solenoid valves, micro switches, filtration systems, controllers, measurement devices, hygienic pumps, and mixers. In addition to providing hygienic parts and equipment, we also offer expert consulting and advice for the development of complete fluid control systems to be used in biotech applications. 

Product Expertise

In the biotech industry, having the right fluid control equipment in place is paramount for the safe handling of chemicals and sensitive fluids. DEWCO is highly acquainted with the unique needs of biotech companies and can provide the guidance and support needed for the proper selection of components and systems. 

Supply & Distribution

DEWCO has all the supplies you need to make your biotech operations a success. Our partnerships with industry leading manufacturers like Burkert, Flomotion, and Inoxpa gives you access to the most advanced solutions on the market, including a range of analytical sensors, valves, flow transmitters, controllers, pumps, and more. 

System Consulting

DEWCO’s consulting services can help you with the process of integrating a new fluid control system. As experts in our industry, we are well versed with the latest technological advancements and can advise your engineers and design team on solutions that can help improve the efficiency of your processes. 

Speak to an Expert about Your Fluid Movement Needs

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