fluid control panel design

DEWCO is a full service solutions provider that offers comprehensive control panel design and systems integration services. Not only do we possess extensive knowledge and experience operating in this sector, but we also have a team of in-house subcontractors that are UL 508A certified. This means that we have the ability to be the full systems integrator for our customers’ projects and are well versed in best practices for ensuring safety, efficiency, and proper component usage. We can design and implement a control system that is accurate and reliable and helps keep your operations running smoothly. 


Our Services for Control Panels

DEWCO’s team of integration specialists, engineers, and highly trained technicians are here to support you with all of your control panel needs. Whether you’re looking for someone who can provide preventative maintenance, help you develop your panel design, create electrical drawings, or build a custom panel, DEWCO’s team of experts are fully qualified for the job. We offer a wide range of solutions for industrial automation and control, including design, installation, testing, and programming services.

Basic Process Control Systems  (BPCS)

Streamline your processes and improve their efficiency through automation. Let DEWCO’s team of experts go to work to implement a reliable and accurate process control system. After discussing your needs, we’ll consult you on the best practices for achieving your goals, then go to work to carry them out. 

Safety Integrated Systems (SIS)

Safety integrated systems are often required when an industrial process carries hazardous risks. The DEWCO team is fully equipped with the knowledge and skill necessary to design a safety integrated system that will help keep your processes functioning in a safe state. Our services for SIS systems are all-encompassing and include design, construction, installation, and ongoing support.  

Remote Support

When on site assistance is unnecessary or unable to be achieved due to special circumstances, DEWCO can provide remote support. We are able to support a wide range of projects off site without having to be physically present. For more information, please contact our office. 


In-House UL 508A Certified Subcontractors

If you’re looking for UL 508A certified contractors, we can help! DEWCO is proud to operate in conjunction with a team of in-house UL 508A certified subcontractors who are well qualified to offer a range of services. UL 508A is the Industry Standard for Industrial Control Panels. These contractors possess the knowledge and experience necessary to help customers like you meet all design and safety standards required in your region and industry, as well as the National Electrical Code (NEC).


Speak to an Expert

Discuss your control panel needs with an expert. Call our office today to speak to a friendly DEWCO team member.