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Fluid control is an essential part of environmental preservation and helps conserve natural resources, reduces pollution, and protects local communities, plant populations, and wildlife. DEWCO is committed to supporting the missions of environmental organizations and providing solutions that facilitate easy fluid management. We offer a variety of solutions for in-field applications, including handheld pH pens, conductivity pens, and instruments for monitoring water quality as well as a variety of services for visitor’s centers, office and headquarters locations, and more. 

Our Services for Environmental Applications

Our environmental clients range in size and specialty, and include agencies that operate at the municipal, state, and federal levels. In addition to those involving local authorities and entities, we’ve also worked on projects for the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service. Our fluid control services for the environmental industry are fully comprehensive and include everything from expert product selection to on-site assistance. 

Product Selection

Get recommendations for parts, equipment, and accessories. The DEWCO team is here to help you find the right products that align with your specific goals and application. Our product selection expertise is backed by over four decades of experience and is one of the main reasons why environmental agencies choose us for their fluid control needs. 

Supply & Distribution

Obtain the equipment you need quickly and efficiently. DEWCO is the nation’s largest fluid control product distributor and carries a vast selection of flow meters, instruments for monitoring water quality, valves, filters, pumps, tanks, and more. 

Solutions Consulting

Consult with an expert about your fluid movement system design. DEWCO can provide training and support for your maintenance team, engineers, and staff and educate them on fluid control best practices.

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