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Since 1974, DEWCO, Inc. has been the experienced, reliable, family-owned, factory-authorized stocking distributor in the Rocky Mountain Region. Covering Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming, we’re here to keep your business flowing!

Like never before, DEWCO wants to be the supplier for business owners, contractors, maintenance teams and more for liquid flow meters, storage and containment tanks, pumps, valves, tubing, instrumentation, cooling tower controls, boiler treatment supplies or any of the hundreds of items we have in stock!

Because of DEWCO’s buying power, we can quickly and efficiently supply customers with Pulsafeeder, Seametrics, Stenner, GF+Signet, Myron L, Burkert, Seko, FloMotion, Standard, Sensorex, Samoa, Inoxpa, Peabody, Assmann, Tru-Flo, Eagle and more of the best brands in the business!

Industries DEWCO currently serves:

Water • Wastewater • Mining • Food & Beverage • Construction • Government • Oil & Gas • Healthcare Agriculture • Brewing • Waste & Recycling • Irrigation • Cooling Towers • Boiler Treatment • Biotechnology Bottling • Environmental • and more!

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