Fluid Movement Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Since 1974, DEWCO has been advising oil and gas companies on best practices for fluid control and implementing cost reducing solutions. We partner with oil and gas companies involved in all sectors and are highly familiar with the common concerns of businesses involved in the production, transportation, and refinery of fuel and petroleum. Whether you’re looking for a solution for measuring and controlling flow rates, injecting solutions to eliminate microbial contamination, moving or storing sensitive or corrosive fluids, or another fluid management concern, we’ll help you find the right option that aligns with your projection’s specifications and needs.

Our Services for Oil & Gas Companies

Whether you specialize in upstream, downstream, or midstream operations, our industry experts are here to help you navigate whatever challenge or project you have ahead. DEWCO offers a range of fluid control services for the oil and gas industry, including product expertise, supply and distribution for parts and equipment, and project-based consulting. Whether your fracking operation is looking for a high caliber metering pump or your refinery is in need of a replacement flow meter, the DEWCO team has got you covered!

Industry Expertise

DEWCO is comprised of a team of industry experts who are highly trained and possess a wealth of knowledge regarding fluid movement technology and best practices. For over forty years, we’ve been helping oil and gas businesses navigate difficult fluid challenges with success. Our product expertise is extensive and is unmatched by competitors in our industry.

Product & Equipment Distribution

We carry an extensive supply of metering pumps, flow meters, components, and equipment that are well suited for the oil and gas industry. Our solutions facilitate accurate measurement and management, as well as proper storage and handling of sensitive fluids. Browse our inventory of tanks, sensors, pumps, piping systems, and parts today!

Project-Based Support

DEWCO excels in providing custom solutions for oil and gas businesses and project-based consulting. We’ll work in collaboration with your company’s engineers or maintenance team to implement solutions that help reduce operating costs, improve performance, and reduce your environmental footprint.

Consult with the Industry’s Leading Experts

DEWCO is the oil and gas industry’s trusted source for cost-effective fluid control solutions. Call our office today to speak to an expert and discuss your fluid management needs.