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Since 1974, DEWCO has been providing innovative fluid control solutions for quarries and excavation sites. No matter what your concerns are, whether it’s safely transporting hazardous fluids, measuring and monitoring pH levels, drainage of an excavation site, or wastewater treatment, we can help you find the right option that aligns with your budget and needs. Our vast inventory of pumps, flow instruments, measuring devices, and valves, along with our dedicated customer support guarantees a quick solution to any challenge.

Our Services for Quarries

At DEWCO, we’re highly familiar with the fluid control needs of projects that involve mining and excavation. Since we’ve been in business, we’ve provided our assistance at numerous excavation sites, open and closed pit mines, and quarries, implementing customized solutions that benefit our customers’ bottom line. Whether you’re looking for something simple like a handheld measurement device or replacement flow meter, or your challenge involves a more complex matter like dewatering your excavation site, the DEWCO team is by your side, ready to assist!

Expert Product Selection

DEWCO’s product selection services make it easy and efficient to find the replacement part, equipment, or accessory you need. We’re well versed in all the latest technology and industry advancements and can recommend solutions that help you streamline your processes and cut costs.

Supply & Distribution

We are the region’s largest and most reputable fluid control solutions distributor. Our inventory includes a range of components and equipment produced by trusted brands. Browse our vast selection of submersible pumps, chemical metering pumps, flow instruments, sensors, handheld pH pens, transmitters, and control valves today.

System Design

When you need more than one part or are working on a large project, our consulting services are the best option. Our system design experts will work closely with your engineers, technicians, and staff and help you implement the right solution.

Speak to a Fluid Control Solutions Expert

Get the help you need for your upcoming project. Call DEWCO today to speak to a fluid control solutions expert about your quarry or excavation operations.