Celebrating 47 Years of Keeping Business Flowing!

DEWCO is 47-years-old this year.  We’ve been serving the fluid control needs of the Rocky Mountain Region since– gasp– 1974!  Where did the time go, right?  Just to give you some perspective, back in ‘74 gas was about 53 cents a gallon, a new car cost $3,500, and a new house was $47,432.  Prices have, as expected, gone up since then, but one thing’s the same: our company is still mission-driven and all about quality customer service.

Our mission continues to be, “Providing solution-driven products and service to our customers while maintaining a responsible, innovative, community-oriented environment for our team members.”

Through the years, DEWCO has served tens-of-thousands of customers.  We have – and continue to – supported many different markets and industries.  Here are just to give you an idea:  mining, power, oil, gas, water/wastewater treatment, HVAC, agriculture, biotech and food/beverage.  Heck, we’re even involved in brewing, distilleries and wineries!

Along the way, our company has interacted with so many different people, from OEMS to operators, manufacturers to municipalities, sub-distributors to resellers.  All the while, integrity has been the cornerstone on which DEWCO was built and still operates. We’ve always wanted to help make others successful, and that, in turn, has helped make us successful for of these decades.

As a family owned-and-operated business, DEWCO certainly appreciates its customers in places like Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and beyond. We have enjoyed being the largest and best distributor of fluid industry products. Based in Lakewood, Colorado, our geographic reach is expansive. We love the Rocky Mountain Region and we’re glad we’ve had the opportunity to meet the needs of so many people and businesses here.

DEWCO looks forward to being the supplier for engineers, contractors, maintenance teams and others, with liquid flow meters, storage/containment tanks, pumps, valves, tubing, instrumentation, cooling tower controls, boiler treatment supplies and hundreds of other items we have in stock for the next 45 years and beyond. We offer the best brands in the business, including Peabody, Seametrics and Pulsafeeder.

As part of our 47th Anniversary, we’re celebrating at our Lakewood office with an open house and free BBQ luncheon. All DEWCO customers, friends and family are invited to join us on Thursday, August 8 (11am-2pm). We will have games, prizes and more! Please call our office at 303.232.6861 or email sales@dewco.com to RSVP – we would love to have you join us!