Highlighting the COOL-FIT ABS Plus

highlighting cool fit abs plus

One thing that our customers would agree on is that DEWCO offers some of the finest pumps and equipment in the industry. We are always looking to showcase products that make the lives of our customers and the companies they represent easier and more efficient and our Cool-Fit ABS Plus is no exception.

The Georg Fischer COOL-FIT ABS Plus is our go-to product for chiller and refrigeration systems and experts in the industry are raving about the effectiveness of this stellar product.

We’d like to take this time to further educate you on the COOL-FIT System to help you make a confident and informed decision when you consider upgrading your cooling systems.

What is COOL-FIT ABS Plus?

When it comes to cooling systems for breweries, supermarkets, food processing, and other businesses that rely on cold products, they can spare no expense. Having a system failure could be catastrophic to these industries so reliability is paramount. However, if a company spends all their profit on a high-end cooling system, they could regret that decision in time as well which makes the COOL-FIT ABS Plus is an ideal solution. It is dependable, cost-friendly, environmentally friendly, and so much more.

Essentially, the product is a ready-to-install pre-insulated plastic piping system perfect for both refrigeration and secondary cooling systems. We figure, it if isn’t broken then don’t fix it, and that is why this system is based off the ABS plastic system that was created way back in 1986. You also get the luxury of choosing from black or white outer jackets. The black is UV resistant, making it ideal for outdoor applications while the white is considered perfect for clean environments including food processing plants.

The pipe is a 150 psi rated, cement jointed ABS plastic pipe with a thermal conductivity of 0.026 W/m.K, an expansion coefficient client 0.04 mm/m.K, and a core density of greater than 2.8ft. All of this adds up to a well-made and dependable product.

You might be wondering how COOL-FIT measures up to the competition. The great thing is that there are so many benefits that to choose anything else would be counter-productive. Here are a few of the most important benefits that this product provides.

Easy to Maintain

When you invest in a quality product, the lack of necessary maintenance makes it all worthwhile. This system is manufactured using high-grade pressure-rated ABS, which is totally corrosion free, both externally and internally. That means you won’t have to worry about when you might have to replace the system. We are so confident in it that we predict the product will last for 25 years.

Maximizing Efficiency

Most businesses want to optimize their efficiency at every turn and with COOL-FIT ABS Plus, you can depend on receiving a high-impact product. Many companies are still using traditionally insulated systems that are infamous for absorbing water from the atmosphere which in turn negatively impacts the insulation ability while also leading to cracking, ice build-up, and more.

The COOL-FIT is built to purposely avoid these issues by being water and vapor tight. Plus, the smoothness of the plastic pipes works to prohibit fluid build-up resulting in reduced pressure loss, thus creating that necessary efficiency that your business needs to remain competitive.

Low Weight

Many companies will avoid a product simply because it is difficult to handle and install. With COOL-FIT ABS, that issue is alleviated. This system is made of low-density plastic which, when paired with the simple, cost-effective hanging structure, creates a product that is easy to install and maintain. Plus, no welding or special joining equipment is required.


As mentioned earlier, a lot of products can promise the world, but another factor weighs heavily: the cost. When compared with other, similar products, COOL-FIT ABS has the competition beat. When compared with brands such as Electrofusion, the differences are clear. In many cases, integral pieces including elbows and couplings can be bought for less than a quarter of the price of the other guys. All this means is that not only are you getting a better product but you also protecting your bottom line in the process.

Our Support

These days, companies are fond of selling you an item and discreetly fading into the background, but when you purchase COOL-FIT ABS, you have our company’s support along for the ride. The Georg Fischer company provides worldwide infrastructure of local technical support staff, along with a website full of relevant engineering calculations and joining and installation instructions.

Basically, we don’t rest until your new cooling system is working at maximum capacity.

If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your cooling systems with a cost-friendly piping system that can last a quarter of a century, then you simply must check out COOL-FIT ABS Plus for your brewery, food processing plant or cold storage facility. The benefits speak for themselves, and you will not be disappointed. Check out our product page to learn more.