Myron L PT5 – Dissolved Oxygen UltraPen


When it comes to finding an industry-leading measurement pen, you can expect the team at DEWCO to only offer the best of the best to our valued clients. That’s why we have the Myron L PT5 – Dissolved Oxygen UltraPen available at a low price. There are so many applications for this unique pen, and it can be calibrated for water, air, and 0 ppm DO. From its state-of-the-art membrane correction to one-button control, this measurement pen is incredibly easy to use and read. You can easily adjust its setting depending on altitude and salinity, and it is completely waterproof. For more details about what this pen has to offer, contact DEWCO today!

High-Performance Features
• Industry-leading accuracy
• Adjustable for Altitude and Salinity
• 3 Calibration Methods: Air, Water, and 0 ppm DO
• Dynamic Membrane Temperature Correction
• Easy to Use – One-Button Control
• Rugged Design with Aircraft Aluminum Body
• Waterproof
• Proprietary Sensor Design

Myron L PT5 Datasheet

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