Myron L PT1 – Conductivity/TDS Ultrapen


Having a handheld measurement pen that you can consistently depend on is always important. That’s why DEWCO is excited to offer the Myron L PT1 – Conductivity/TDS Ultrapen to our customers. This is a highly durable pen that is completely waterproof, ensuring you won’t have to replace it at a moment’s notice. From its automatic temperature compensation features to its multiple natural water modes, there are so many reasons to love this pen. You can expect accuracy readings of ±1%, so you never have to worry that your results are unreliable. For more details about this measurement pen, please contact DEWCO today.

High-Performance Features

• Accuracy of ±1% of READING ±0.2% at Calibration Point
• Reliable Repeatable Results
• KCl, NaCl and 442™ Natural Water Modes
• Automatic Temperature Compensation
• Autoranging
• Durable, Fully Encapsulated Electronics
• Waterproof
• Powered by One N Type Battery (included)

Myron L PT1 Datasheet

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