Myron L PT4 – Free Chlorine UltraPen


If you are in need of an accurate chlorine measurement device, the professionals at DEWCO are here to help. We have the Myron L PT4 – Free Chlorine UltraPen available today. This proprietary measurement pen allows you to calibrate with both pH and ORP standard solutions, but that’s not the only thing that makes it stand out. It also features automatic temperature compensation, a waterproof exterior, and accuracy within ±0.3 ppm FCE. Order yours today to begin experiencing the benefits of the Myron L PT4 – Free Chlorine UltraPen in no time!

High-Performance Features
• Accuracy of up to ±0.3 ppm FCE
• Proprietary Sensor Design
• Calibration with pH and ORP
Standard Solutions
• Automatic Temperature Compensation
• Durable, Fully Encapsulated Electronics
• Temperature Readout
• Waterproof
• Powered by One N Type Battery (Included)

Myron L PT4 Datasheet

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