Sensorex S653/10/BNC Cable


The Sensorex S653/10/BNC has a 10′ cable and BNC connector. Submersible Combination Electrodes are mounted in the Threaded Cable Cap Assembly. This cap assembly has a 1/2” NPT thread to which a coupling or reducing bushing and the needed length of supporting pipe can be attached. The pipe provides mechanical support for the electrode and protects the cable from contact with the liquid being measured. The coupling and pipe can be made of any material which is compatible with the chemicals and temperature in the system being measured. The upper end of the pipe should be sealed to prevent the entry of liquids.

The S651CD pH electrodes are combined with an S653 (non ATC) or an S653TC cap cable assembly for a simple submersion installation. Standard models are manufactured in CPVC.

S653 Cable Specs

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