When it comes to the precision and accuracy of flow meters and sensors, no one does it better than Seametrics. For over thirty years, Seametrics has been the leader in this realm of fluid control solutions. Through their efforts, companies in the industrial, irrigation, and environmental industries have been able to conserve precious natural and financial resources. 

Seametrics flow meters and sensors play a pivotal role in maintaining water quality, monitoring fluid levels, managing water filtration and treatment, identifying contaminants, and more. From industrial magmeters and mechanical turbine meters to conductivity sensors, dissolved oxygen sensors, converters, and more, Seametrics offers a variety of solutions to help you overcome your fluid challenge successfully. 

Dewco is the leading source for Seametrics products in the U.S. Whether you’re in need of a high powered flow meter or a top of the line sensor, we’ve got the right Seametrics product for you!

Seametrics Products

Flow Instrumentation

Seametrics MJ Series Hall Effect


Flow Instrumentation

Seametrics MJ Series Totalizer