Burkert Type 2301 Globe-Seat Valve


Bi- Directional Compact, Stainless Steel design for optimal use in high corrosive environments, i.e. high frequency of wash downs
Unique AIR advantages with ELEMENT positioners and process controllers
Actuator allows to be rotated to orient air connections
Actuator has no weep hole
Spring loaded V-seals (chevron) packing gland system with stainless steel spindle guidance increases the operation safety
Flow characteristic, linear or equal percentage for many precise control applications.
Each body size has a range of control plugs and corresponding replaceable trims for perfect sizing of a large variety of a large variety of applications ( 3- 5 per connection size)
Turn down ratios of 50:1, in smaller sizes 10:1 (depending on trims)
3/8” – 4” Valve Size with variable orifice sizes
NPT, Weld , Flanged, Tri clamp ends
Handle up to 150 PSI steam, neutral gasses and liquids up to 232 PSI
316 Stainless Steel Body
Seat trim Material is PTFE/ Stainless or Stainless/ Stainless
IP65/67- IP69k Capabilities for control tops
Multiple configurations available. Call for more information.

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