Seametrics SPX Low Flow Meter

Seametrics SPX Low Flow Meter delivers a powerful, yet economic solution for low flow applications. With a simple, yet innovative design and a robust outer casing, this chemical-resistant impeller flow meter guarantees an easy solution to your fluid management needs. Ideal for low flow monitoring, chemical batching, and fertilizer injections alike, the Seametrics SPX Low Flow Meter is versatile and all-encompassing, making any fluid management problem a breeze. 


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Seametrics SPX Low Flow Meter

Don’t let its simplicity and low price tag fool you. With the Seametrics SPX Low Flow Meter, low, competitive pricing and superior results come together and work hand in hand. Ideal for applications involving low flow monitoring, chemical batching, proportional chemical injection, and fertilizer injection alike, this powerful machine delivers total versatility and is compatible with a variety of chemicals. Use it for metering water or low corrosion fluids with ease. With incredible accuracy plus visual flow monitoring, it’s an option that’s hard to beat. 

The Seametrics team has truly outdone itself (yet once again!) with this brilliant, budget-friendly option. Seametrics SPX Low Flow Meter features an innovative design that includes a tough polypropylene body for added longevity as well as jewel bearings which allow for very low minimum flow rates. As for lens covers, the choice is yours. Opt for acrylic for low-corrosion fluids or manage robust applications with a polypropylene lens designed for maximum corrosion resistance. Either way, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with the results… and the savings!

Seametrics SPX Low Flow Meter

  • Remarkably accurate at low flows
  • Simple, yet durable cutting-edge design with only one moving part
  • Compatibility with a variety of chemicals provides added convenience
  • Facilitates visual flow monitoring
  • Lens cover is available in a variety of materials, including acrylic and polypropylene 
  • Polypropylene body provides protection against corrosion 
  • Sizes range from 3/8″ to 1″
  • Can be used for a wide flow range
  • Square-wave signal connects to PLC’s, counters, and Seametrics controls

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Great Flow Meter!

This flow meter was exactly what we needed. It’s durable enough to last a while, yet fit perfectly within our budget. Thanks Dewco!

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