Standard Pump – 3A Sanitary Pumps

Our 3A Sanitary Pumps are a fully documented, hygienic solution specifically designed for the dairy process industry. These sanitary pumps are engineered to meet the stringent safety standards set forth by 3A Council and are certified by an independent third party (TPV). Each pump features highly polished stainless steel components (32 Ra), a swivel mounting stand for CIP capabilities, leak detection kit, and an energy-efficient, oil-free air valve system. In addition, these pumps feature our exclusive FUZED PTFE diaphragms. The unique design enables operators to sanitize the pumps in place (CIP) or quickly disassemble for cleaning (COP).

We offer a 1.5″ and a 2″ pump.

Mayonnaise Cheese
Yogurt Milk
Creams Butter
Cottage Cheese Eggs