Peabody Engineering

Gemini Double Wall Containment Tanks are an excellent solution to any situation where chemical processing needs to be done in a safe and secure way. Often times this means that a secondary containment tank system is required. It will safely store your chemicals protecting you from the risk of hazardous material spills, exposure of you and or your workers to dangerous chemicals and you’re also being responsible environmentally.

Gemini Offers both round and square tanks.

  • Gemini's round tanks range in size from 15 to 500 gallons.
  • Gemini's square tanks range in size from 10 to 120 gallons.

Gemini Square Tanks have 22% more storage space compared to the Gemini Round Tanks, which will allow for more chemical stored in a smaller area. They meet or exceed the EPA and UFC regulations in relation to secondary containment (including 40CFR)

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