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DEWCO is honored to announce the success of our incredible, innovative wastewater solution that brings breweries up to code with cost-effective engineering. Due to new wastewater regulations enforced by the city of Boulder, all breweries within city limits now have established standards for their wastewater discharge. With no prior standards in place, many of the micro- and small breweries are faced with a major issue. Most brewers engage in a clean-in-place, CIP, tank cleaning process. CIP results in high concentrations of acid and caustic fluids that circulate throughout brewery tanks and equipment, which ultimately is drained into the city’s sewer system. These corrosive and destructive fluids have resulted in damaging the city’s sewage piping, infrastructure, and treatment systems. New laws are now established for regulating the pH of the wastewater that breweries are permitted to discharge.

Breweries Face Issues with New Wastewater Mandate

The allowable pH level for brewery wastewater is between 6 and 10. If breweries don’t meet and maintain this criteria, fines will be given. This new wastewater standard presents issues for micro- and small breweries since many of them don’t have the budget or physical space for a large wastewater operation. We worked with Upslope Brewery to address their numerous mechanical and engineering issues regarding their wastewater discharge. Our team spent countless hours brainstorming the right engineering and design in order to produce a reliable, economical solution for compliance.

Photo Credit: Upslope Brewing / Boulder Colorado USA

DEWCO Engineers Revolutionary, Cost-Effective Compliance Solution

Based on Chief Operating Officer and Vice President Sean Doyle’s design, DEWCO was able to deliver a cost-effective collection, neutralization system for Upslope’s wastewater. Our revolutionary prototype, the DEWCO Waste Management System, WMS, collects the fluids from CIP cycles in a collection tank. Our WMS implements two pH probes, one in the tank of neutralization and one in the discharge line for monitoring, in addition to a color, touch-screen PLC controller that can be used to customize the system for Upslope’s specific needs. With a recirculation pump for mixing, two chemical pumps, a custom-tailored tank, and discharge valve, the WMS offers the perfect compliance solution for micro- and small breweries. After installing our proprietary WMS, Upslope has also experienced a significant reduction in process chemical use and other expenses.

We’re proud to have conquered this problem by engineering a custom solution that’s highly effective and cost-effective. Breweries undergoing new wastewater mandates can take advantage of our WMS, experiencing a wealth of benefits. For more information regarding our revolutionary brewery wastewater solution, please contact us!

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