Myron L Ultrameter II 6PFCe

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DEWCO is here to offer our customers the latest in chlorine measurement technology, which is why we have the Myron L Ultrameter II 6PFCe available at a great price. There are several reasons why this measurement device exceeds where competitors fail, including its three solution standards, adjustable temperature compensation, auto-shutoff, and other great features. It even includes a built-in microprocessor, allowing you to store data directly on the device. Even changing the battery won’t reset your personal calibration settings. For more details about the Myron L Ultrameter II 6PFCe, please get in touch with the professionals at DEWCO!

Advanced Features

  • 3 solution standards for greatest accuracy in diverse applications
  • Fully automatic temperature compensation
  • User adjustable temperature compensation (up to 9.99%/°C) which also allows TC to be disabled for applications requiring non-compensated readings.
  • User adjustable conductivity/TDS conversion ratio for greater accuracy when measuring solutions not contained in the microprocessor.
  • Auto-shutoff maximizes the life of the single 9V battery to more than 100 hours/5000 tests.
  • Non-volatile microprocessor provides data back-up, even when the battery is changed. This assures all calibrations and memory data will be retained.
  • Extended life pH/ORP sensor is user replaceable in the field

Ultrameter II 6PFCeDatasheet