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DEWCO has proudly served the fluid control needs of the Rocky Mountain Region since 1974.We are a stocking distributor of quality products with the staff to expertly advise our customers on the selection of the best value product to meet their specific application.We support a vast array of markets and industries including oil and gas, power, chemical, water treatment, wastewater treatment, automation, HVAC, cooling towers, boilers, mining, manufacturing, biotechnology, food and beverage, brewing, wineries, and environmental.

Our prized selection of trusted manufacturers helps us select the right equipment for the right job.We enjoy supporting our customer base including end users, OEMs, manufacturers, operators, municipalities, sub distributors, and resellers.Most importantly, integrity is the cornerstone on which our business is built.Please let us know how we can help you be successful.

Product Showcase

Pulsa MicorVision EX Controller

MicroVision EX is a microprocessor-based Conductivity, pH, and ORP controller, with the features and functions you need for accurate monitoring and control of cooling tower water that won’t break your budget! MicroVision EX has optional PULSAlink cloud based communications so you can CONTROL YOUR CONTROLLER FROM ANYWHERE!

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Optional PULSAlink Cloud Based Communications - Access your MicroVision EX Controller(s) form anywhere, over an Encrypted cloud based site.

  • Live Readings
  • Data Logging
  • Change Settings
  • Email Notifications

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  • Toroidal conductivity sensor.
  • One-point calibration.
  • Large easy to read color display.
  • Lockable front cover.
  • Multiple level security codes.
  • Up to 10 digital inputs.
  • Dry contact alarm output.
  • Battery backup.
  • USB data logging is standard:
    • Up to 2 years of data logging.
    • Upload/Download program settings.
    • Upgrades to the Operating System.
  • Optional PULSAlink cloud based communications, over an Encrypted cloud based site.
    • Live Reading
    • Data Logging
    • Change Settings
    • Email Notifications